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Product range


ILIP propagation trays are suitable for sowing vegetable and flower plants and are compatible with most of the sowing lines on the market and guarantee a good root system. The range includes models with different sizes and versions. Other versions available on request. The available colours are grey for R-PET and black for PS.

Product range



Ilip Srl offers a wide range of trays, for cultivation or for transport. The series of trays in PS or R-PET includes different models depending on the use:

• with small holes (drain) for transport, this prevents the operator's fingers from lifting the pot from the   tray during handling, and avoids the risk of falling.

• with single large shear hole for soilless cultivation

• without drilling (“Reserve”) to prevent water from coming out of the pot holder at the point of sale

R-PET trays guarantee the same load capacity as PS trays. Thanks to the elasticity of the material, the edge remains intact and this prevents the tray from breaking when the pots fall to the ground during loading and unloading

Product range



Ilip Srl offers a complete range of carriers and trays. The product line of carriers includes models with 8 and 10 spaces for trays, available in the normal version or with window. For the carrier with 6 spaces, a tray with 4 holes is available.

The trays are available in the standard colours black or grey and on request also in other colours.

Carriers and trays are available both, in PS or in R-PET.

Company profile

Ilip is part of the ILPA Group, European leader in the field of plastic processing. We develop innovative and sustainable food packaging made of thermoformed plastic and bioplastic for retail chains, gastronomy and for professionals in the fruit and vegetable industry as well as articles for the horticultural sector made of R-PET and PS such as transport, culture and pot trays as well as seed trays and round pots.

ILPA Group is a concrete example of circular economy, the first European Group of companies to have vertically integrated its R-PET manufacturing process and supply chain, from postconsumer bottles to new food packaging solutions or nonfood packaging, while ensuring the origin and traceability of the material.

The Group’s recycling capacity of about 60.000 tons/year of post-consumer PET corresponds the average quantity of PET beverage and food packaging consumed and recovered in Italy in an area with about 12 mln inhabitants (Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Tuscany). We obtain secondary raw materials, avoiding the need of a corresponding quantity of virgin PET.