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Products and innovations

Pots made from 100 per cent R-PET

Pots made from 100 per cent R-PET

The plant nursery pots 10 & 14 made from 100 per cent R-PET have the dimensions and volume of the standard pots available on the market, they stand out due to the numerous drainage holes, the fast machine destacking and the grey (standard) colour instead the usual colour black. This colour not only improves the appearance of the product, but also makes it easier to identify it in the sorting centers during the recycling phase.

Company profile

ILIP Srl is part of ILPA GROUP Spa together with AMP Recycling Srl and Mp3 Srl.

ILPA is a concrete example of the circular economy, one of the few groups in Europe that has vertically integrated the rPET cycle in its supply chain, from post-consumer bottles to a new packaging, with guaranteed origins and traceability.

ILIP Srl takes care of the last part of the process: termoforming of the film into rPET packaging with an average recycled content of 80% and with the possibility to produce up to 100% rPET packaging.
We recycle around 30,000t of post-consumer PET per year to produce secondary raw materials, thus avoiding the production of the same amount of virgin PET. In terms of CO2 emissions, this corresponds to a saving of around 75,000,000 kg of CO2.

In 2015, the ILIP articles for the horticultural sector, such as transport and seed trays as well as pots made from 100% rPET, were launched on the European market in order to meet the growing customer interest in ecologically sustainable products.