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Smart garden

Smart garden


Turfquick is an agriculture company that wants to create an innovative and smart solution to the increasing demand for food and tries to make healthy and clean food accessible to everyone.

The aim is to show people of the metropolis that it is not a dream to reach sustainable, non-toxic and fresh food in the middle of the city at any time of the year with the vertical farming and ecological plantation.



Turfquick flower tex
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Company news

Flower tex

Flower tex

Turfquick is launching a new product to the garden sector.

Company profile

TURFQUICK the future of landscaping agriculture and gardening.

Turfquick produces eco-friendly and biodegradable planting textiles with or without seeds for planting grass, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Our innovative, patented and design protected, products are the future of Landscaping, Gardening & Agriculture!

Our products contain different seed mixtures that are tailored for different climates and needs, therefore we have the ability to offer a wide range of products. We can also create customized products for different seeds and sizes.

Our product range is planting textiles for grass, flowers, and salads. In 2019 we have launched our new range of herbs and vegetables!

End of 2015 marks the beginning of Turfquick, with its factory being established in Nynäshamn, Sweden.

With professional engineers by our side, the machines that now produce our planting textiles were built inside our factory. to 2019 we produced and sold over 1.500.000m2 of Turfquick products.

Today we have a capacity of producing 10.000m2 per day.  Our aim is to always have 100.000 m2 in stock containing different mixtures, to be able to provide the best service and delivery for our clients.

We have launched our new factory in Australia and Turkey the fourth one is on the way for USA market. 

Tiurfquick vision is open a 14 factor on 7 continent for manufacture Turfquick with local seeds to deliver the best product to local consumption, therefore, we are looking new partners who want to become licensed manufacturer partner for its own country and deliver this wonderful product for there country's future green environment in all around the world.

We welcome all future distrubutörs who would like to market Turfquick in their own country.

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Håkan Isak Yilmaz