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Farm benchmarking 4.0: Get the answer to your question

Farm benchmarking 4.0: Get the answer to your question

How did the season go? Did my farm achieve a particularly good results or was it a good season for everyone? Which target values/benchmarks should I set for next year? Is my turnover per square metre of sales area fine, or is there still room for improvement? What about labour productivity? Have my new measures been successful? Is our cost reduction program showing success? What are the profit opportunities in other horticultural sectors?

Questions such as these are answered quickly and competently by the online inter-company comparison 4.0 for companies in all horticultural sectors. You can use the inter-company comparison 4.0 either directly as a company or in cooperation with the business management consultancy or the tax consultancy. In this way you quickly get the answers to the important questions of controlling.

The online applications now offers also short-term comparisons on a monthly or quarterly basis. This gives you a good and timely basis for operational decisions. Meanwhile, exchange of experiences groups from all over Germany use the system to improve their joint work. Each group can ask for customized analyses tailored for their special needs.

The inter-company comparison 4.0 is an online application that offers horticultural companies sound and individually tailored information for business management with little effort. Depending on the issue at hand, data from the annual accounts or the business management evaluation is required. Immediately after importing or entering the data, you have access to the interactive evaluation of your own data andcomparatison data from a precisely fitting group of farms.

Product range

Information and data hub for business management in horticulture

Information and data hub for business management in horticulture

The Center for Business Management in Horticulture and Applied Research is an information hub for horticultural companies, consultants and experts on business management issues in all areas of horticulture. We offer the following services:

  • Inter-company comparison of horticultural operations - receive your individual print consultancy report through individual participation or via a consultant
  • Inter-company comparison 4.0 - online application for interactive and direct analysis of your data as an individual participant or anonymously via a consultant
  • Seminars on inter-company comparison 4.0 and strategic corporate management for groups of horticultural farmers
  • Business management symposium for horticultural consultants annually in the 2nd half of September
  • Data and information for training in technical colleges on farm management data

Moreover, the center engages in applied research on economic and business management topics related to sustainable and competetive horticultural production and services in Germany.


Company profile

The Center for Business Management in Horticulture and Applied Research (CBMH) is a registered association closely connected to and located on the premises of Hannover Unversity. It was founded in 1957 as a research project funded by the federal Ministry of Agriculture and was established as an institution co-funded by the ministries of agriculture of the 16 federal states. The CBMH collects and provides indispensable management information for horticultural enterprises. Through individual comparison sheets and regular publications, entrepreneurs from all horticultural sectors receive vital performance indicators for their respective type of business in order to maintain and improve competitiveness of their companies. In addition, CBMH offers political decision-makers at the federal and state levels scientifically sound facts to assess the economic situation of the horticultural sector.

Finally, also applied research is conducted on management issues relevant for sustainable and competititve horticultural enterprises, also using third-party funding.