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Helleborus ViV® Collection

Helleborus ViV® Collection

After years of intensive cross-breeding, the ViV® Collection was created using the most innovative and high-quality types of Hellebore. It takes 8 to 10 years to develop a new ViV® cultivar and market it. The process requires great professional skill and patience. Only top varieties that make it through the toughest quality control are included in the ViV® Collection. All of our Hellebore selections are from tissue culture and perform well in larger potsizes (P13 - P21).

We have an assortment of about 60 varieties that can be divided into different categories;

  • White flowering varieties that flower for many weeks in a row, also known as Christmas Roses. Flowers can be single or double.
  • Extra long flowering varieties that flower continuously from November until March in different colours. They start with creamy white flowers and turn to pink, green or orange.
  • Early, colourfull flowering varieties starting in September until April. Flowers are single, anemone or double with spots, paterns, bi-color, etc. A feast to the eye!



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As biotech scientists, we breed, propagate and acclimatise orchids, hellebores and gloxinias. Three decades of doing so has taught us one thing for sure: there’s a smile in every plant. Our inexhaustible DNA research into strong varieties really only has one goal: the smile a plant can put on a grower’s or end customer’s face.

Microflor’s combination of expertise, reliable service, sustainability and open communication is what makes our company unique. Have any specific requirements? Want us to propagate a number of plant species? No problem! Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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