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Level up your Urban Gardening

Level up your Urban Gardening

We believe that everyone should have the possibility to grow their own healthy vegetables. No matter if in a garden, on the balcony or on the terrace! The stylish and space-saving design of our products makes growing potatoes, strawberries and other vegetables really easy. 

Additionally, we not only supply the planters, but also the full range of seeds, soil, fertilizers and much more.

We furthermore support our customers with our know-how in the form of videos and blog entries.

Our main product lines are:

  • PAUL POTATO, the world's first professional potato tower. A potato tower is a vertical planting system, specially designed for growing potatoes. Because of the stacking of the individuel levels, PAUL POTATO can also be used as a mini raised bed. Simply plant additional vegetables on the top level. More infos:
  • SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world's first strawberry tree. A strawberry tree is a vertical planting system, specially designed for growing strawberries. Of course, also other vegetables and herbs grow perfectly in SISSI STRAWBERRY. More infos:

Company profile

We know how difficult it is to get fresh and local food from your area, which is not treated with pesticides. We are also increasingly drawn to big cities or to live in apartments without a garden or only with a small balcony. It seems almost impossible to grow your own food.

Our team from Gusta Garden, a young Austrian company, wants to fight this problem.