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Kokos coco cocopeat

Kokos coco cocopeat


Kokos coco cocopeat

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Manufacturer of cocopeat for professionals 
Our goal? To make a positive difference. It therefore comes as no surprise that growers all over the world have become convinced of the added value of our coco substrate. After all, it’s the most sustainable growing medium for vegetables, soft fruit, flowers and plants. But there’s more! By investing in the countries that produce coconuts, we help local communities build a better future.

Improving people’s lives
We are convinced that companies can make a positive difference. In southern India, where our main production sites are located, many people have a tough existence. We help our employees build a better future by investing in their well-being and safety through good working conditions, long-term contracts, overtime pay and a pension scheme. Moreover, we insure our staff and their families. Dutch Plantin is SA 8000-certified for this approach. We also support initiatives that help vulnerable groups, such as the Udavum Karangal foundation.

Cradle to cradle
A healthy environment, today and tomorrow. That’s our mission. A mission we can achieve through our cradle-to-cradle products. And that’s exactly what we do. After all, coco products have plenty of benefits for the environment. The growbags, blocks and briquettes made from coconut husks are a more sustainable growing medium than peat for example, because once peat has been dug up, the soil is irreparably damaged. Moreover, coco substrate has much lower CO2 emissions.

Taking care of the planet
Dutch Plantin manages its entire production process from A to Z. That allows us to guarantee a process that is as sustainable as possible, and to continuously optimise it. In our producing countries, we dry coco in the sun, without the need for gas and oil heating. The vast majority of our products are washed in The Netherlands, where water is less scarce than in India. This water is then purified and recycled. Moreover, our innovative pressing system allows us to transport enormous quantities of product at once.

We set high standards
We set high standards not only for ourselves, but also for our customers. It therefore comes as no surprise that Dutch Plantin is both a producer and a supplier, which is exceptional in the world of coco products. From the in-house production process to custom advice for our horticulturists: we manage the entire chain ourselves, from A to Z. The result? Full quality control and a reliable delivery. Not to mention, custom solutions for each crop.

Self-confident and driven
Day in, day out, we are driven to go the extra mile to guarantee top-quality products. Quick wins? Not our thing! We are not afraid to distinguish ourselves by only processing ‘aged’ coco in our growbags, blocks and briquettes. It may be more labour-intensive and time-consuming, but we consciously chose to adopt this production method. Why, you ask? Simply because it enables us to provide our customers with a guaranteed stable product for excellent crop growth, even long-term.